Popular Reasons To Whiten Teeth

Red Wine Stains

If you regularly consume red wine, it is likely that your teeth will exhibit a less than white hue. This unsightly yellow tone is easily removable with 60 minute laser teeth whitening at Dublin Vitality Centre, Ballsbridge.

Smoking Stains

Smoking creates undesirable stains on the surface of your teeth. Heavy nicotine stains accumulate between teeth. You will see a noticable difference after laser teeth whitening.

Crowns & Dentures

If you are considering crowns, implants or other protheses, it is wise to undergo laser teeth whitening in advance of treatment so that your dentist does not match the colour of the prostheses to already stained teeth.

Aged Looking Teeth

As we age, our teeth very subtly change colour from white to yellow. Laser teeth whitening can reserve this in just 60 minutes which offers a very subtle but effective way to look years younger than you are.

Smoking Cessation

A whiter brighter cleaner smile means you will be motivated to avoid cigarettes once and for all.

Getting Married Or Going To Event

Yellow teeth can ruin your otherwise beautiful wedding pictures. With a 60 minute treatment, you and your beloved can ensure to put your best face forward on your special day.

Why Choose us

  • Over 10 Years Teeth Whitening Experience
  • Tried and Tested Reputation For Excellence
  • Advanced High Quality Laser Technology
  • Professionally Trained Teeth Whitening Technicians
  • Naturally Looking Results That Work With Your Skin Tone
  • No Pain Or Damage Guarantee
  • Parking, TV Room and Refreshments Onsite
  • Comfortable Treatment With Exceptional Care

60 Minute Laser Teeth Whitening Dublin



Laser Teeth Whitening Dublin NOW €99 NOT €250 at Dublin Vitality Centre Ballsbridge. If you are seeking high quality professional laser teeth whitening in Dublin, there has never been a better time. Thats because, for a limited time, you will receive this highly effective treatment at a substantially discounted price when you book with us now.

One Treatment. Many Benefits

Professional laser teeth whitening offers so many benefits over home treatments and heavy dangerous peroxide based bleaches that can lead to longterm damage and result in excessive pain and discomfort during treatment. Laser Teeth Whitening at Dublin Vitality will give you a naturally whiter smile with absolutely no discomfort. Thats because our focus is on quality and therefore we use only the highest quality teeth whitening gels and laser during treatment. So sit back and relax as we take you on a 60 minute journey to a whiter cleaner healthier looking smile.

How can I compare the teeth colour before and after?

When you start the laser teeth whitening treatment, the teeth whitening clinician will record the colour of your teeth using a special enamel shade scalet. You will be shown the colour. After the treatment is ended you will be able to make a comparison to your original and new whiter smile using the teeth whitening enamel shade scale. The word we hear most often is "WOW". Results are excellent and it is possible to see up to 12 shades of whitening in one laser teeth whitening treatment.

What will I feel during laser teeth whitening? Is it sore?

No, it is not painful or sore at all. Infact, we use non peroxide laser teeth whitening products which ensure you do not feel anything. These are the latest products on the market and they are specially developed to ensure laser teeth whitening causes no pain, sensitivity or stinging, even to sensitive teeth.

a Book Your Appointment By Calling 01-9018359

Dental hygiene recommends you to undergo a scale and polish every 6 months. Ideally you will book your visit to the dentist in advance or your teeth whitening treatment.

b Come To Vitality Centre Ballsbridge

When you arrive you will be asked to complete a consultation form. The colour of your teeth will be recorded so that results can be compared before and after.

c Love Your Smile

Get ready to greet the world with a whiter, brighter smile as your naturally stain free teeth are relieved of years and years of stains and discoloration and your naturally whiter enamel can shine through making you look healthier and cared for.

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