Laser Teeth Whitening For:

Sensitive Teeth

No pain, damage or sensitivity due to advanced non acidic gels.

Previously Whitened Teeth

If you have undergone laser teeth whitening over 4 years ago, it is likely that your teeth were bleached. If so, laser teeth whitening at Vitality Centre will restore colour.

Crowns and Implants

Laser teeth whitening is popular in advance of crowns or implants since it shows the dentist the natural colour of your teeth without stains for correct colour matching.

Parties & Events

If you are going to be in front of a camera, a white smile can make a dramatic difference to how you look.


Motivate yourself to quit with advanced laser teeth whitening. Get used to looking and feeling clean and refreshed and remove cigarettes from your life.


Laser Teeth Whitening is very popular when braces are removed since it shows up the colour of the newly straightened teeth beautifully.

What to Expect

  • Compare colour of teeth to white of eye for guide to natural colour minus stains.
  • White spots on teeth indicate flourosis which WILL still be there after whitening
  • Braces often leave marks from the acid etch used to adhere them. These may show up up after treatment which means the dentist can scale them off.
  • Tetracycline stains may not be fully recovered.
  • Attend dentist for scale and polish at least 6 months prior to treatment
  • Do not eat or drink dark foods or red wine for 24 hours post treatment
  • Consider treatment every year to 2 years
  • Vertical lines in teeth will be present if there in already.
  • A whitening pen is recommended for 1 week afterwards to prolong results

A Teeth Whitening Solution For Sensitive Teeth

laserdublin Are you considering laser teeth whitening but concerned that you will suffer from sensitivity afterwards? Like many people who underwent teeth whitening in the past, you will be delighted to know that advanced laser teeth whitening methods can now be done in absolute comfort.

Non peroxide laser teeth whitening such as that used at Dublin Vitality Center have shown to provide the very best results with the least amount of sensivity. There are no harmful Ultraviolet (UV) or Infrared (IR) rays in this Diode light source at 400 to 500 nanometers. This light is extensively used in dental offices and teeth whitening clinics across the world. Thats why we can guarantee that you wont feel those terrible shocks of pain associated with teeth whitening methods of the past.

a Book Your Appointment

Call 01-9018359 to book laser teeth whitening at Dublin Vitality Centre Ballsbridge and start to look forward to a whiter brighter smile.

b Complete Consultation Form

When you arrive at Dublin Vitality Centre, Ballsbridge, you will complete a dental consultation form. Please ensure you have seen your dentist in past 6 months.

c Aftercare

No dark foods or red wine should be consumed for 24 hours post treatment. Use the recommended aftercare whitening pen for 5 days post treatment for longer lasting results.

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